Quicksilver Drifting – Yassy (Yas Khan)

Quicksilver drifting ~~ Moonbeams drip The gloaming: From somewhere… Sounds of birds Flying home, In the scent of a star The fading copper shadows—- Alone; Dreaming on a starburst I defy my mind to write a poem .. for more from this deep diver, click here: https://yassy66.wordpress.com/

If We Met – Yassy

If I met you, I would be looking at you with stars in my eyes;And I would feel my heart race, my pulse rise…Meeting you would be like an adrenaline rushI would hide my face so that you would not see me blush.Maybe I would be tongue-tiedStammer to say the things I feel inside.I wouldContinue reading “If We Met – Yassy”

A March Night – Yassy

when ink dries on paper Like physical scars violence becomes fire The nib becomes a needle Digging into your flesh Tearing into vulnerability Hopelessness of inevitability The frailty of feminine strength Abuse is ink that draws into your soul Ink that shapes unspoken words .. ellipses Leaving you soulfully dead. for more from Yassy, youContinue reading “A March Night – Yassy”