My Womanly Glow- Yamini (Live Your Dreams 24/7)

They made the big reveal 20 years agoMy real identity crushed and let goI was too young to even knowWhat it means by a piece of flesh belowShades of blue fell on me like snowBut pink was my destiny that I couldn’t throw“You’ll get over it when you grow”How can my true colors cease toContinue reading “My Womanly Glow- Yamini (Live Your Dreams 24/7)”

Just A Friend – Yamini (Live Your Dreams 24/7)

To the one who’s just a friend, They look at us confused when out of nowhere we start laughing. Can you count how many inside jokes we share? They feel like the third wheel when we are together. Can you feel anyone’s presence when we are together? They give us blank stares when we suddenlyContinue reading “Just A Friend – Yamini (Live Your Dreams 24/7)”

Dip me In – Yamini (of Live Your Life 24/7)

Dip me in a can of whiteImmerse me in it till I drownThen let me emerge as a new meKilling a soul and birthing a colorWho is painted in your hueWho is one of you, among you Dip me in a can of whiteImmerse me in it till I drownLet my cries silence foreverAs IContinue reading “Dip me In – Yamini (of Live Your Life 24/7)”