Love Like Summer Storms – A Writer’s Soul Trace my name in the breaths that leave you soul,Let me breathe in the ways you love me,And exhale the ways I need you.Our bodies colliding like the summer storms,Hot and heated and so full of life,Better together than apart, the rain falls and steam rises,Passion building, only to explode and engulf our flames,DrivingContinue reading “Love Like Summer Storms – A Writer’s Soul”

singing praises- A Writer’s Soul Why sing praises,When I can never think of any,Nothing good at least,Am I supposed to come clean?Scrub myself, to the bone, to remove your trace on me,Express myself in ways that make me raw and like you.Because I can’t find any trace of you,And for that I’m glad,I can never sing your praises,Because IContinue reading “singing praises- A Writer’s Soul”