Little Free Photos

Trying something new!! Leave some descriptive words in the comment section. Take some words with you. Use the inspiring words in a poem. Post the poem on your blog. You are welcome to use my photo in the blog post. You can share the blog link in the comments so we can visit your blogContinue reading “Little Free Photos”

So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki

Dark days are looming Wild storm is close Who’ll be able to make it? That nobody knows All of us are strangers In a foreign land So I closed my eyes and So I held her hand I can sense a danger Smell it from afar I can see some trouble Coming where we areContinue reading “So I Held Her Hand —Frank Solanki”

Longing —Artemis Bronstein

As the summer slides from my hips to my thighs I cannot tear myself from thoughts of your wild-cat eyes. How your hands would caress with such deftness and exactness traversing my buttresses and valleys as one who has known a land since before memory began not a step mislaid you find my secretive sun-filledContinue reading “Longing —Artemis Bronstein”

Unapologetic —Ishita Gupta

A vast ocean sometimes wild like a child throwing tantrums sometimes ferocious like a God wanting revenge. Then at times it turned quite quiet like a sleeping baby Then at times it was a sweet mystery like the song of an apsara. There were times when pain overtook like a bittersweet rhapsody there were timesContinue reading “Unapologetic —Ishita Gupta”

Where Do Vanished Things Go —Not Not Nerdy Girl

Where do vanished things go? Because you have disappeared; Your toothbrush in the bathroom Your diary on the counter And the scribbled words of your thoughts Days incomplete Where do vanished things go? Are they lost? Do they wander And wonder where they ought to be? Or have they gone someplace that we cannot? WhereContinue reading “Where Do Vanished Things Go —Not Not Nerdy Girl”

Hope —The Pink Lens Stories

A loud gust shrilled in my ear, Sharply the eyes looked at fear, Soaked in pain, with no speck of light, Deep rumbles with sparks in night. Alone somewhere deep hope strives, A little beam of rainbow reckons the wise, The greys sorround, sorrows seem eternal, Hands join to the One who shows the light.Continue reading “Hope —The Pink Lens Stories”

Interlude Man —Jay Bleu

I love smelling clean out of the shower and tossing on my comfy, blue sweater. Then, I feel cradled by the familiar. Combining with my fresh and soapy skin, I’m consumed by a scent that “takes me back.” It stays on me like golden amber sap. Shutting my eyes, aroma takes me there: To aContinue reading “Interlude Man —Jay Bleu”

My Fantastic Car —Intellectual Shaman

If people could look under the hood of my car they would be shocked to find what makes it go without an engine or oil it’s traveled far taken by a magical momentum There are no mechanisms or directions and still it moves to far away beaches where the wind grass blows its rusty bodyContinue reading “My Fantastic Car —Intellectual Shaman”