Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” -Chinese Proverb Every word I read on WP is shared here with good intention to pass along words of encouragement or healing or spur on thought. To have us look beyond ourselves and see others. To imagine a worldContinue reading “Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)”

Nature’s Art —Patrick Jennings

Symmetry in asymmetry Random chance and physical law Ordered chaos is nature’s art Ripples Never Come Back Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes Death Valley National Park California, USA Taken during travels, 2019 NaPoWriMo 2020 Day Two; Poem Two Four poems total Enjoy more —Patrick Jennings

Finding a Place of Refuge

I go to my garden refuge When I need a healing salve To cover the wounds inside me From old losses that I have.   I smell the sweet honeysuckle That grows on the back yard fence, And the flowers that bloom in summer Keep me in a state of suspense.   Many colors ofContinue reading “Finding a Place of Refuge”

Good Intentions —Mike Ennenbach

never have what is needed never get what is wanted. the invisible man with the empty account a blank slate no name no recognition. if it were not for the overwhelming sense of loneliness filling the hollow desperation. i would be as devoid of will as i am of talent. another arm of the abyssContinue reading “Good Intentions —Mike Ennenbach”

Four Walls —Danica Aquino

I awoke from a dream loaded with a deep sense of urgency and defeat both coinsiding in my guts, the air is stuffed, suffocating, I sit straight on the bed, sweat dripping from my neck down to my navel, I kick against the sheets tangled around my ankles, Where am I? I fumble through theContinue reading “Four Walls —Danica Aquino”

No Clique —Osharlequin

I’m the Harlequin, An agent of eccentricity, An advocate for the quirky, Delightfully awkward, Comedically weird, Cackling through a mad world, I’ll never be part of a clique, A cabal of critics, Pretentious spiders, Tittering at others’ expense, An artist welcomes criticism, But not mean-spirited bile, You can chastise, My painted smile shall remain, YouContinue reading “No Clique —Osharlequin”

Reading the Errant Pages —Captain Q

Reading the errant pages Crumpling after each one is read A gentle eye befallen the paper Revising what each one has plead Wastebasket- a lifetime away Hoping it’s not the destiny of them all Slowly, sacred thoughts form Living in the weird space of my scrawl Read —Captain Q