Reliance – Writer in Retrospect

There is anger in your chidings;Worry in your voice.When life sends out its tidings,What will be my choice? Will I make a grand mistakeAnd then come crawling back to you?Is it more than you can takeThat I’m not one, but two? We’re like Buffy and Giles,Or like the Winchester brothers:We share tears and smilesUntil itContinue reading “Reliance – Writer in Retrospect”

I Meant to Tell You, but for the Things I Never Say

I meant to write a letter, butThe letters burned away;I meant to raise a flag, butThe white ones won the day;I meant to tell you what I meant, butThe meaning lost its sway;And though I always meant to ask you,I always feared you wouldn’t stay. for more from writer in retrospect, click on over:

Hidden Heart – Writer in Retrospect Who can know what lies withinThe hidden heart?A gentle start,A raucous din;Beauty, or lies and sin?But the hidden heartDoes not partWith the secrets of its djinn;It only tellsWith its beating wellsThat something lies within. for more from this author, please click the following link:

Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect

You tell me I’m no fun, But I think I’ve overdosed on it: Years spent laughing, joking; Often feeling none of it. You tell me I should talk some more, But what have I to say? Nothing you would like to hear, So I think it best I stay away. You tell me there’s aContinue reading “Small Talk —Writer in Retrospect”