Be The Sun – The Oldschool Harlequin (World of Harley)

I do wonder to myself,Is being nice such a strain?All humans struggle with it,Even this wretched clown,Humanity is programmed to choose himself,Niceness and generosity are akin to naivete, But why not be a strangers sun?Even during a stormy day,Be a reason for someone to smile,Give your loose change to a vagrant,Hold the door for anybody,DonateContinue reading “Be The Sun – The Oldschool Harlequin (World of Harley)”

Love Is A Nation – The Oldschool Harlequin (Wold of Harley

 found a new nation on my excursions,This place of good feelings,Rainbows and all,All are welcome,This land of love has open borders,Manned by open arms, Do not fear being yourself here,We are all consenting adults,Love any man,And love any woman,Or any shade betwixt,Our flag says freedom of expression, Souls have marched to create this nation,Against statusContinue reading “Love Is A Nation – The Oldschool Harlequin (Wold of Harley”

Icons – Oldschool Halrequin (World of Harley)

We bow to icons,All of us,They control us without our knowledge,Symbols and portraits and likenesses,Permeating influence over our cortices, They’re shapeshifters you know,They change to suit our ideals,Or our vices,Not necessarily malignant,But still all-consuming, To one man it could be a godful symbol,Words from an invisible man,Commanding words from the past, The lady over thereContinue reading “Icons – Oldschool Halrequin (World of Harley)”

Grotesque- The Oldschool Harlequin (of Harley’s World)

I am bound to this place,This gothic mausoleum,Of outdated thesis,Warding off evil with monstrosity,I was chiselled out of stone,So I feel nothing, I appear an abomination,An amalgamation of goat and drake,A chimera,A terrible sculpture,Defending this farcical place,As if it held the grail, An architectural guardian,A gargoyle in the common parlance,I look down at the antsContinue reading “Grotesque- The Oldschool Harlequin (of Harley’s World)”

War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)

Each leader has a war chest,Millions,Paid for with blood and limbs,The gold of the chest,Pounds and dollars and roubles,Minted in hells flames,Emblazoned with skulls grinning,Baying for oil and miles, The true fuel for warfare,The ammunition of conflict,As the chest opens its charnel maw,Arms dealers rub their hands,And children cry in droves,The drool of the chest,ItContinue reading “War Chest – The Oldschool Harlequin (from World of Harley)”

Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)

The internet,A wondrous thing,Mankinds ultimate achievement,Turned to all manner of both evil and benevolence,Is it an information matrix?Or is it information supervision? Trust not those who control speech,Dark forces,Shrill tweets of birds of prey,Updates on a thousand-faced tome,Pornographic cyanide to be injected,Assembling an army of automatons, Are social media giants corporate necromancers?Because they practice masteryContinue reading “Social Media – The Oldschool Halequin (World of Harley)”

Strawman Argument – The Oldschool Harlequin(World of Harley)

From these shores,To many others,Red,Blue,Green,Flag after flag,Of all stripes,Strawmen are erected, Fallacies are spawned,Ideas are distorted,And eviscerated,To sate a tribal idealism,Debates become bloodbaths,Scholars lose themselves,And become cut-throats,With fallacious dirks, Being right is the only victory,Even as sense must be sacrificed,Herbal teas spilled,The diplomatic table is in flames,Chessboards and statistics,Logic has become smoke,The strawman still stands.Continue reading “Strawman Argument – The Oldschool Harlequin(World of Harley)”

Imperfection – Osharlequin (World of Harley)

I was complimented once,My work extolled,It’s true,A perfection praised,Though it escapes my vision, Is perfection real?Is this work truly a magnum opus?A tour de force,Or is perfection merely perception?Our work could be as flawed as ourselves, One mans treasure,Is another mans filth,We do not share eyes,A sistine chapel to one,Could be an intantile scribble toContinue reading “Imperfection – Osharlequin (World of Harley)”

Eraser Debris – Osharlequin

I wrote a love letter once,Language coated in honey,And red wine,Words to be crafted into a paper plane,And sent soaring to her heart, Baring my soul,Each word a passionate kiss,Every line a bite of the lip,A love story in graphite,Soon to be an obituary, Doubt clouts me from behind,A lesion shaped like a broken heart,TheContinue reading “Eraser Debris – Osharlequin”

Critic in the Mirror – Osharlequin

I heard once,Upon the grapevine,Of a doubter without peer,An acid-blooded critic,An aristarch of the literary arts, Incessant in his critique,Cutting into my mind,A spiteful tongue,Critical to the extreme,Words that fray the psyche, The worst kind of detractor,He doesn’t want me to improve,Just to stop trying,To stop striving,And return to the void of obscurity, Eventually IContinue reading “Critic in the Mirror – Osharlequin”