The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker

Poetry is an artistic expression of the “beautiful.” It encompasses feeling, imagination, beauty. Poetry is both “art” and “truth.” The poet, sometimes through cognition, which is like a gift, is able to create something beautiful. From Shakespeare to Milton to Wordsworth. The list is endless. To be able to see things through the eye ofContinue reading “The Beauty of Poetry —The FreeThinker”

Before You’re Ready (#126) —Dangerkit

do everything before you’re ready like drugs and projects release it to the world before you’re ready before you die use your misguided resilience share life at a jukebox carve out chunks and hand them to a special soul exist demolish the futility of your goals get caustic bounce when you find yourself pouring theContinue reading “Before You’re Ready (#126) —Dangerkit”

Smile at the Seams —Ashwinin B

Good morning poetry lovers. –🕯consider lighting a candle today. Shalom 🕊🌊🐚 I know that smile, The one I’ve seen so many times before Wondering if this world is worthwhile, Which says you can’t do this anymore.   That ever thinning crimson veil, Between you and reality; Hiding your gruesome tale, With a false sense ofContinue reading “Smile at the Seams —Ashwinin B”

Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj

Strip-poetry You taught me poetry doesn’t have to belonglikethis.It doesn’t have to rhymeevery single time.All poetry needs to be is a punchinto someone’s gutstrong enough to make them gasp.“Poetry is a seedand you are the sunflower.”Strip a poem word by worddown to this bare bone,and you’ll find that poetryis just a couple of words deep.PoetryContinue reading “Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj”