My Circus – GwenAnn (beauty of imperfection: the kintsukuroi life)

The Ringmaster has lost controlOf this, his favorite show,The acts are going crazyAnd he doesn’t even know! The elephants are ragingThe monkeys? Flinging poo!While the audience is clappingOver all of this ado Eating popcorn, munching peanutsAs the Big Top comes aliveWith the cries of the poor players(I wonder who’ll survive) The clowns are being eatenByContinue reading “My Circus – GwenAnn (beauty of imperfection: the kintsukuroi life)”

Day Old Coffee – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)

Thought long and hard about the tragedy of day old coffee, twofold in its despair: it was not drunk or savored on the previous day and the warmth did fade away but then it was warmed again artificially with no regard to the pathetic act that there’s now coffee in the cup, day old coffeeContinue reading “Day Old Coffee – C.D. Anders (The Unnecessary Blog)”

The Far Side – You Little Charmer (Ramblings of a Fragile Mind)

Youdon’thaveto behere Forme toknowyoucare Youdon’thaveto benear Forme toknowyou’rethere Xxx for more from this clever word cleaver, click on over kind dames and sirs: