Somewhere – Vishal Dutia

Somewhere the sun is settingIn your tired eyes Somewhere a cool breeze carriesSongs of changing times Somewhere you’re getting by,Flushed with words of wine, Somewhere a fool lamentsThat he never called you “mine” for more at Jalvis Quotes, click here:

Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Vishal Dutia

Tomorrow when I wake upI’ll start my day with a smileI’ll do the thingsI wanted to do for a while I’ll disclaim my phoneand talk to my mother insteadI’ll tell her my dreamsand let go of my biggest regrets I’ll forgive everyonewhoever hurt meI’ll ask God for forgivenessI’ll beg on my knees I’ll work onContinue reading “Tomorrow When I Wake Up – Vishal Dutia”

The Men’s Room – Vishal Dutia Don’t smile Don’t frown Don’t turn around Don’t make eye contact Don’t wink Don’t blink Don’t even think About where you are at Don’t say hey Don’t wave Don’t small talk make Stare straight at the wall Don’t clear your throat Call someone bro Or make a joke Of okay now please cough You’reContinue reading “The Men’s Room – Vishal Dutia”

Treeline – Vishal Dutia

Life can be foundAt the treelineThe boundaryBetween theSeen and unseen Senses heightenedEyes watchConsidering theirConcealment beforeStepping out… for more from Vishal, please click here: image: