Duality —Vidur Sahdev

i tell myself not to write, for the words blatantly boast of my lack of self control, but with each verse while this ego dies, i secretly feed a hungry poet, letting him believe that he can own the world. Being ever more hungry for the pure, Vidur breaks open space we long for atContinue reading “Duality —Vidur Sahdev”

Timeless —Vidur Sahdev

i seem to have forgotten, who i was, but i love the vision, from where i am, and i remain anchored in this present, by a conscious choice, the future be damned, i couldn’t care less, for inspite of all the heartaches, and the detailed preparations, either ways a myth it exists, but never arrives,Continue reading “Timeless —Vidur Sahdev”

Winter —Vidur Sahdev

Winter seeps in, through the cracks, and i have many, winter knows that, she takes advantage each season in her reign, poking icicles deep into my heart, they slowly melt, to fill up the cracks, and in a strange way, we hold each other, for she needs that warmth and i, that friend. © vidursahdevContinue reading “Winter —Vidur Sahdev”