Measurement – Varnika Jain (Moonlighting Scrivener)

That’s the thing about eternity It’s either too long for the one who’s leaving Or too short for the one still in love It’s never the right amount of time For a thing to last just long enough Now let me tell you about infinity Measured in terms of sorrow for more from this scribeContinue reading “Measurement – Varnika Jain (Moonlighting Scrivener)”

A Love Like Raindrops —Varnika Jain

Do you know what rains do to cities? They make them more beautiful Primordial even Till every nook and cranny rejoices With each drop gently tearing down And as it hits the ground It releases A beautiful scent that only it can bring about In the mud, on the leaves While the entire city sleepsContinue reading “A Love Like Raindrops —Varnika Jain”