An Atheist in Love – Upashna

A committed atheist,I prowl the realm of mortalswearing a robe of snobberysceptre of rationaleheld close to heart,head unbowed to any form of divinity.Brandishing wordspeering through the faces of ignorant fools,smirked at their lugubrity.Until one day,sauntering down the pathstrewn with cherry blossomsI came across an old novitiate.The beauty of the flowerstill floating in my eyes,my thoughtsContinue reading “An Atheist in Love – Upashna”

Exotic – Upashna

Exotic florahidden in the deep wildernesssheathed from the prying eyes.Diffusest sweet hypnotic fumesenticing the eyes that pass by.Caress her with the sightbut taint her notfor she’s a child of the dusknurtured by sharp windsand dense fog,often fatal to a mortal touch. © Wordpolitics online at:

A poem on indepence – Upashna

My nation sings a mellifluous songreminiscing the years bygoneshe unties her locks and swivels aroundbrimming with ecstasy and joy.She bathes herselfin the heat of the South,the sun bounteous on her tawny skin.She treads the woods,the Sunderbansher garrulous childlike laughsechoing the serenity.She sits by the Gangeshands crossed into a knotmelancholia seeps inbringing with ita wave ofContinue reading “A poem on indepence – Upashna”