A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)

It was in late-August, the day my sister and I returned home from summer camp and our dog Pepper was not at the door to greet us. *** We called her name, “Pepper!” and we searched around the house, but Pepper was nowhere to be found. ***. That evening, our father told us that while we were at camp,Continue reading “A dog’s life – Tref (Trefology)”

Lying Signs – Tref (Trefology)

The sign on the elevator said ‘Out of Order’ and that was alright.  I was in no hurry. “Whichever order is fine with me, elevator!” I said, as I stepped in. But instead of an adventure in randomity, I was taken immediately to the basement floor only, where I remained for two weeks.  for more Trefology,Continue reading “Lying Signs – Tref (Trefology)”

Trefology: reasonable hourly rates

After carefully weighing all of my options, I used the first of my three wishes, granted to me by the genie, for ONE MILLION FISHES. The genie nodded his head and said, “I here-by grant you one million wishes!” I shook my head in frustration. I explained to him that I had said, f-i-s-h-e-s! One million fishes.Continue reading “Trefology: reasonable hourly rates”

Ghost Food – tref

When camping, in order to ward off scavenging bears, it is recommended that you hang your food high in the trees, because the food will appear to be floating, and if there is one thing a bear does not like it’s un-explained phenomena. Seen near the Nevada border for more at ‘trefology’, click here, unpredictably:Continue reading “Ghost Food – tref”