Near a folded newspaper.

somebody talks in the other room about what, I cannot say maybe some revolution I am turning colder my legs close to each other my hands folded I look up towards the source of all this untimely chill outside, a green river flows washing off man’s dirty footprints late noon, the chill fills my roomContinue reading “Near a folded newspaper.”

What a what! – Tomic Riter

what a vibrant black evening!what a wind!what a tree!what a clouds in what a sky!what a colours orange yellow and blueall turning greywhat a grey sky it will be soon!what a white lightning!what a kid getting blown away by the wind!what a smell of fresh raingone before nightyou are slow, what a slow you are!almostContinue reading “What a what! – Tomic Riter”

Everything shaking – Tomic Riter

a slit in the skyorange bleeding over the hillscrows burst and scatter in the airoh the howling growling wind!and a dear dog rolling in ecstasy,biting his bodystretching his bodysniffing the dirtfor that good moment. for more from this author, please click the following link: