Exhaust – Makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

In a yearbook, how you’ve changed. darkness clouds, as friends evade. Protect the view, back of the roomno one remembers your name,or who you were, or who you are (phantom limb hangs on)Perception never felt so insincere. You’re so helpless and faceless,alone in the crowd, fade away,fade until… there’s only fumes. Inside my silence, ofContinue reading “Exhaust – Makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)”

Hideout – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

I see the worker ants flee the farm, where you existed to live like everyone. Spilling into the streets, people I’ve never seen,hiding out, my neighbors for years, took the world to fall on its knees, to bring you here. online at: https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/

kid – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

I want to be a kid again,not a Toys r Us kid, they’re all gone,or bicycle Warped tour kid,that old thing’s rusting in the lawn.Nothing special, just snow on the tongue when what little snow comes.I’ll be waiting next year, enduring the fraught summer sun.Masked strangers masquerading as neighbors. Always did like the fall.Leaves falling,Continue reading “kid – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)”

City Blues – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/ Daydreams.Yesterdays.The dorm. 1st day.You told me you were proud.On your own. Stay safe.Don’t get caught in the moment.And don’t be afraid. Yet I cried when you left here, so scared.I wanted to stand tall and proud,felt so small in this new town.Huge city. Brotherly love.Alone for the first time.I walked outside, said hello toContinue reading “City Blues – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)”

Navigate – makeshift26

https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/ Crazed new world, what’d you do to my routine?Dull, nerve-tingling isolation, every feeling in-between.Hungry for food I can make by myselfcraving fellow humans to eat with someone else.Maps are broken, doldrums frozen,inept fools taken aback by lazy days stolen. for more from this clever craftsman, click here:

Division – makeshift26 (The Road That Never Ends)

https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/ The clouds briefly part,only to come back together.Those fallen,picked up, brethren.Breathe new realityinto our momentarylight. to explore further at ‘The Road That Never Ends”, click here: https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/

Indifferent World – makeshift26

https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/ I’m indifferent to you,in this world made for two,sharing what we have with the rest, wondering how we got this far on fumes.The breath of life in view,littering the streets with news,of a better life for everyone. Photo credit: Navid Baraty for more from this author, click here: https://makeshift26.wordpress.com/

Anna – makeshift26

I wonder how it felt in those last moments, when you knew.Didn’t we part in the worst possible way? I remember it like that.Seeing you in the corner of the club,leaned against the wall, crying.It must have hurt. Maybe I hurt too.As we all know, it is better to feel painthan nothing at all.You leftContinue reading “Anna – makeshift26”

Leave Here- Makeshift26

I found out I’m someone I don’t even know, I feel the urge to escape you,so I can find love too.When I can’t heal myself, or anybody else, know that I hear you.It’s time I leave here. Am I failing you? Well, you’re failing me too.I’m tired, crossed wires, weird vibes and stalled desires.Am IContinue reading “Leave Here- Makeshift26”