Wisp – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ The needle was coldLike iceDrawn on paperAnd my skinPoured forth, at it’s touch;Soft as vapour . My, my, rainbow blueWhere are thouIn this sky:Past Siberian prairiesOr neath valleysSpilling high? These dreams aren’t mineAren’t mine are these wallsI was taught to build themTo learn how to fallAnd I still can so hearThose bricks seeping salt‘Continue reading “Wisp – The Human Anvil”

The Lesser Serenade – The Human Anvil

I was once a baritone,Timbre like the weight of stone,And yet in the aching arms of a pianoI could weep and keep the sweetest soprano,But that was long ago, you see,When the curtains rose just for me,And not for choruses, such as now I abide,Like an tuneless trumpet, by the side. I have no voiceContinue reading “The Lesser Serenade – The Human Anvil”

Flourescent – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ In this halfway worldOf shared demiseWe walk few paths togetherTill different sunsets lure us homeAnd we fall apart;Like petals. for more from this soul of much depth, click on over : https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/

Tippler – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ I have far less wordsFar lesser timeThere is a sun for me to swallowWithout a whiff of wineWill the wild man keep, open his shopTill I find some coinFor a single dropThis sober world is not for meAll colored one waySo none may seeThe boiling rainbow in someone’s yardOr the aces aligned in another’sContinue reading “Tippler – The Human Anvil”

Thespians – The Human Anvil

How the aging world mock,The new as weak,Whilst the old lay fallen,On paths the young never seek,Is it mystery when the thespiansFeels vacant and so weep,To know they build kingdomsBut not a brick can they keep.That everything held dear,Shall be lost to those eyes;Life won in the mud,Now lost to the skies,It’s the way ofContinue reading “Thespians – The Human Anvil”

Selfhood – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ This story tells of a hypocrite,Not much to lose, too much to fight,For ways never given awayFree, for us to be at ease,And burn the flags upon these shipsThat hoards, and onboard sets us free,Free to eat the salt, free to drink the sea,To meet our homeless familiesIn far kingdoms we will never seeAnchoredContinue reading “Selfhood – The Human Anvil”

Warpaint – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ Of all the world’s fair faces,I envy your lifeless, smiling chrysalis,For it’s cold, sapphire sight, searing far into the night,Like dry forest afire,Whose ash on your wan lips,Is as good as tears in rain;Void and false of pain,Whilst your hair, long, unbound,Waves as sea without the sound,And for every breath you take,Spits blood, boneContinue reading “Warpaint – The Human Anvil”

The Deserters

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ A thousand branches burning,Across this desert, parched and slow,Like an old autumn asleep,Upon levanter’s brow,I walk this breaking desert,Sand frozen back in time,My every breath is an answer,To a query, long buried,Here under these dunes,These shadow mountains tall,Waves of dust, awaiting,The eternal rise and fall. The sun,It hums and hide,I feel it’s laughter inContinue reading “The Deserters”

I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil

https://thehumananvilblog.wordpress.com/ I heard myself,Through passing prose of life,In random echoes unending,World’s single rhyme,Each pause in time.I heard myself,Matching morning’s croon,In silent noon,Tuning strings of Brooks,Counting steps that took,A different turn. I remember, the warmth of your handThe feel of your fingers, like embers,That winter night,When you held me first,Like marionette,Strings leashed to your lashes,As youContinue reading “I Heard Myself – The Human Anvil”

That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil

In this wafer thin world,My mirror holds together,Your palpable smile. I live there somewhere,Buried; under warm hollow bricks,Dreaming and dreaming,Ringlets of flowers, raindrops of gold,And of you reading a blank page,Written one hundred ways. Your name is a shape,Or a flower or a bird,Dahlia, Paloma or some rounded word,You are the poem, I the paper,YouContinue reading “That Woman Remembered – The Human Anvil”