Sea and Sandstone – The Human Anvil

Follow meTo the dried up riverLet us dip our feetOver the baked bankInto the ovule of emptinessAnd seize between our toesThose shadows of leaves that onceDanced over the ripplesLet us row, togetherAcross sand and stoneWith broken oar;That desire to drown,And linger no more, here,But wade into the seaWhere awaits one horizonAnd one thousand estuary onlineContinue reading “Sea and Sandstone – The Human Anvil”

The Shape of Silence – The Human Anvil

I prefer the silenceThe cold silence of solid thingsI look at the wallStanding with crutchesIn the corner of my VerandahWhite and misshapenLike kneaded doughFilled with potentialOf an unformed minaret,Only if the right tools are laid upon herBut I am awareThat there are no right toolsSo all I know is silence.I prefer the silenceThe fading silenceContinue reading “The Shape of Silence – The Human Anvil”

Still-life – The Human Anvil

There is coffee on the tableCold now, the lips upon the rimHave been long lost to the streetsThose open arteriesSpilling into the cityThere is no one in the roomOnly me and the carpetFlickering lightsTurning white walls brown,Distorted frames;Assurance of a happy life, frugal,Each grain of pleasureWeighed against the painEvery smile practicedSymmetrical, sameI walk barefootAcross theContinue reading “Still-life – The Human Anvil”

Rimer – The Human Anvil

No poetIs filled with poiseNor every hour awake he aches;For lost loveOr far off islandsHalf submerged in the sea,Neither he weighs in world his priceIn self- sought melancholy.He is a restless handWith a wineglass filled with inkDrunk in the thoughts he haveOf the thoughts he cannot think. online at:

Wisp – The Human Anvil The needle was coldLike iceDrawn on paperAnd my skinPoured forth, at it’s touch;Soft as vapour . My, my, rainbow blueWhere are thouIn this sky:Past Siberian prairiesOr neath valleysSpilling high? These dreams aren’t mineAren’t mine are these wallsI was taught to build themTo learn how to fallAnd I still can so hearThose bricks seeping salt‘Continue reading “Wisp – The Human Anvil”

The Lesser Serenade – The Human Anvil

I was once a baritone,Timbre like the weight of stone,And yet in the aching arms of a pianoI could weep and keep the sweetest soprano,But that was long ago, you see,When the curtains rose just for me,And not for choruses, such as now I abide,Like an tuneless trumpet, by the side. I have no voiceContinue reading “The Lesser Serenade – The Human Anvil”

Flourescent – The Human Anvil In this halfway worldOf shared demiseWe walk few paths togetherTill different sunsets lure us homeAnd we fall apart;Like petals. for more from this soul of much depth, click on over :

Tippler – The Human Anvil I have far less wordsFar lesser timeThere is a sun for me to swallowWithout a whiff of wineWill the wild man keep, open his shopTill I find some coinFor a single dropThis sober world is not for meAll colored one waySo none may seeThe boiling rainbow in someone’s yardOr the aces aligned in another’sContinue reading “Tippler – The Human Anvil”

Thespians – The Human Anvil

How the aging world mock,The new as weak,Whilst the old lay fallen,On paths the young never seek,Is it mystery when the thespiansFeels vacant and so weep,To know they build kingdomsBut not a brick can they keep.That everything held dear,Shall be lost to those eyes;Life won in the mud,Now lost to the skies,It’s the way ofContinue reading “Thespians – The Human Anvil”