Stupid Holes – Stella I come to let you in on a secret The secret is…… I am hated I’m imperfect And I am hated I’m unforgiven——able I’m hated for…. Crying And for begging I’m hated for my round ass And the freckles on my cheeks I’m hated for succeeding when I shouldn’t have I’m hated for myContinue reading “Stupid Holes – Stella”

Hope – Stella Under this petri dish sky There is a nasty bug that darkens the sky Where one day there will be nowhere to hide There is latex soaked in alcohol And discarded face covers coating the ground But in these days when there is no hope to be found While we wait for the nextContinue reading “Hope – Stella”

This Pole I Hold – Stella

Here on the bank of one of the largest manmade lakes in the country He used to fish here I grew up here It’s peaceful Besides his pole I hold I see poles in the air scattered there And there True fishermen I guess I still see him sitting here as the sunrises I seeContinue reading “This Pole I Hold – Stella”