…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima

Written: © Maxima  The scent of evening rain,the breath of love,the heat of passion in me, in us,your lips pressing mine,your warm breasts tremble in my palmsthe breath of love, of drunken wedding guestsnoisily say goodbye to the bride’s innocence. Morning wakes to the roosters crowa new song on a gloomy dayand we…we do not sleep.Continue reading “…New song on a gloomy day – Maxima”

Naked under the moon – Maxima

Her warm and gentle hand …Between the curious moon and my faceI restless lips whisperYou, you are the wind … and the flower.You, you are my whole world.He sailed in a small boat of happinessA love song, a beautiful songThat one that is eternalA moment of smileVivid, my past enriches meA moment of truth burstsContinue reading “Naked under the moon – Maxima”