An Atheist in Love – Upashna

A committed atheist,I prowl the realm of mortalswearing a robe of snobberysceptre of rationaleheld close to heart,head unbowed to any form of divinity.Brandishing wordspeering through the faces of ignorant fools,smirked at their lugubrity.Until one day,sauntering down the pathstrewn with cherry blossomsI came across an old novitiate.The beauty of the flowerstill floating in my eyes,my thoughtsContinue reading “An Atheist in Love – Upashna”

Finding a Place of Refuge

I go to my garden refuge When I need a healing salve To cover the wounds inside me From old losses that I have.   I smell the sweet honeysuckle That grows on the back yard fence, And the flowers that bloom in summer Keep me in a state of suspense.   Many colors ofContinue reading “Finding a Place of Refuge”

a see of stars

spots a string of throbbinghearts thru ropes ofsticky smoke, but seems it was just somehazy hoax, clearly i washasty in my gloat, with hopes of messy loveon my mind and coiledaround this ivorythroat.. i coast seas of flickerin’stars with noboat. image: image:

A Steamy Path

after sky unveiled this backdrop to me the other morning It’d have been bold of me not to honor it in word.. good lord, morn’sstumbling path peers more like Dante’sdrawn his steamybath, as lips break to yawn, fire of the sky asks mewhy i ain’t in awen’ fawnin’.. i fail to hold backmy lunaticlaugh. noContinue reading “A Steamy Path”

Skies Thru Different Eyes

Happy writin’ and kitin’, friends.. so, you don’t like themartyr in myfight, and i don’t like that youwon’t release yourkite to wilderskies, clearly we do see samelandscapes, but thruour own eyes, neither right or absolute,yet we’ve boiled downour lives to truths and lies. image: image:

Kinisphere – charles1958

discovering that space the ruffles air, the pointed toes, the movement in the circle. Understanding the silence of the surround, the stark tremor of muscles exacting the movement within gravity of a moment in the eternity of the universe, the stars trembling into sight the air ravishing as the body spins triumphantly in the articulateContinue reading “Kinisphere – charles1958”

What You Do?

life doesn’t justhappen at you, life’s sculpted by whatyou choose or choosenot to do, what and who you chooseor refuse to push and what you push ordon’t push yourselfthrough. and if life just doesn’thappen for you, there’s no one to pinflatline on, but you i’m sorry if truth hurtsto hear, my love, but it’s aContinue reading “What You Do?”

Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin

Once I said Yes, I believe, I felt my body floating backwardin slow motion as if on the wings of an angel,releasing me into the baptismal pool. Submerged three feet under, I floated lifelessly.My head supported by delicate hands.My soul delivered by sacred words.All my tension gone. I wish I could have stayed therein the warmth of her breath,nurturedContinue reading “Baptismal Pool – Mark Tulin”