Fears – Kanika (Mystic Land)

I rest youin front of meAnd paint you throughmy lashes.Keep you hiddenwithin those black windows.Some unrealisticconnection it is.The hue is naturalSo you, so me. This timeMy fear facing me. adores me,approaches meWhispers to meThat now he likes to celebrate me. And I couldn’t let go of thosewhispering soundsTurns out I was the onewho adored perpetualContinue reading “Fears – Kanika (Mystic Land)”

the narrative – Quixotic Mama

it seems to methat people need to believetheir ownnarrativeso it’s notthat they aren’tlisteningto meit’s that what i’m sayingdoes not fittheir narrative…sothey hear mebut only so faras it suits their storyanything elseturns to whitenoise&misunderstandings….maybe i can’tchange your narrativebut what happenswhen i changemine? online at: https://quixoticmama.com/

i shed tears for you – chester maynes

i shed tears for uwhen u struggle on your own,putting back all the colors of lifeto paint your old world,defeating the grey areasof black and white. fight. don’t trap yourself inthe prison and hopelessness. i’d love to see u again, riding thehorses in the huge, green fields. 2020 online at: https://chestermaynes.wordpress.com/

Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)

Sunken deep like forgotten wrecks.A hate that broods, contorts and flex.This grudge is old and just like oil.Black with time, and within me coils.Staining my soul with its heartless rind.Unforgotten, despite the passage of time.But time has come to break the bond.That swirling hole, that stagnant pond.I will no longer give food to the beast.ItContinue reading “Persistence of the unforgetting – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequences)”