Fluid – Elan Mudrow

https://tricksterchase.com/ Static binaries numbed inside the liminal As if sound is a scrape bunched into barren elements Voiced structures—definitions in sand Drawn with sticks—hopscotch on a playground To know the tides—their decomposition To know their fragments—their never-ending versions Can’t be claimed as one or even one’s own for more from this creative spirit, please click here: https://tricksterchase.com/

Mountain Lake – Elan Mudrow

I sit with her Placing her in memory Giving thoughts strength, yet In her silence, she frightens me. I rely on others Camping upon her shore To soothe my worry. And although I haven’t Seen her rimmed with snow Echoing the clearest of nights, Pitted with raindrops Upon her clear face, Witnessed her held tightContinue reading “Mountain Lake – Elan Mudrow”