The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Her eyes, wide and gleaming,Filled with love, hope, and curiosity,Such a sharp awakening,From a deary loop of mundanity. Such high expectations from life,So many dreams to be fulfilled,In such a hurry to grow up,To be independent, move out. Little does she know,What’s yet to come,Life kills hopes and dreams,And sucks one into a routine. InContinue reading “The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Tears in my eyes,Those exquisite drops,Each with its own story,Like shiny white pearls,From the deep blue sea. As a menace attacks my soul,Or breaks my heart in two,Grief and sorrows all piled up,Creates one glimmering drop,Just ready to fall. Laced with emotions so intense,A harrowing burden in my chest,And pain that’s almost physical,Encapsulated in aContinue reading “Tears in my eyes- Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

We were young and we were wild,Didn’t really care for slow or mild,Dove into love without a second thought,Fairy tale romance was what we sought,Our first kiss, pure bliss, like magic;Slow-deep, then passionate-frantic,“Better than Romeo and Juliet”, we’d say,We made promises, didn’t delay,We were rainbows and springtime roses,We ran unbound like wild horses. Until weContinue reading “Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”