in the dark, a rose – Gabriela Marie Milton (Short Prose Fiction)

Scars left by the teeth of the soul.A dove turns black.A crow turns white.Inversion.A serpent coils around a tree.No daylight left.I say I love you and I lift my eyes toward the moon.In the dark a rose contours the shape of my left thigh.Oh, you are here.I thought so. My book, Passions: Love Poems and OtherContinue reading “in the dark, a rose – Gabriela Marie Milton (Short Prose Fiction)”

and…love…- Gabriela M (Short Prose) and…this night is jasmine and is sandthe trees are fingers with no endthe earth has eyesthe tears have thighs you…you are the voice of lonely heightsI am the day without sightsa leaf is falling on my hipsinto the air a form of lips and…your touches hide in poetrya flower faints with jealousyyour dreams taste like forbiddenContinue reading “and…love…- Gabriela M (Short Prose)”

#2313 —Only Fragments

All these tales about the moon killing the sun on the winter solstice, all these gruesome stories of betrayal and bloodshed on the longest night of the year… Did you never wonder why the sun seems to so easily succumb to his lover’s blade each year, knowing as he must when it will come forContinue reading “#2313 —Only Fragments”

lonely poetry of night – Short Prose Fiction

trees whisper, cries of cloudy skiesinaudible, unseen,you, Astraea,you push me on a long-forgotten trailthe ocean, poisoned, green, unsettledwarm tongues, ecstasies of memories un-liveddefiled the innocence of maiden-starstears, corridors of sandyou, universe that dreamt us allthe pain of suffocated myths that diekisses, floating sanctuariesAstraea,you who don’t know desireburn the nihilism of fleshthe plightof souls sold forContinue reading “lonely poetry of night – Short Prose Fiction”