Poem – Summer storm – Shawn L. Bird

This air is thick enough to drown inWading through your wordsLightning flashes in the hills like myanxiety after the press conference.Summer storm raging.They announce back to school plans.I’m watching the hills for forest fires,fearing the burning.Brief respite: rain splatters on the back deck,before oppression descends again,and our power goes out. at: https://shawnbird.com/

poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)

I see a new person now. The years’ baggage- so much bitterness and resentment- has disappeared like lost luggage. She stands at the Baggage Claim, befuddled then teeters down the hall, oblivious to its loss. This peaceful creature is new. There is no room to hold the past against her. for more from this deepContinue reading “poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)”