O Howling Wind! —Isha Garg

O howling wind lead me back home don’t let me roll like aimless stones, like dust, dissolve in ancient seas, or forgotten, revolve in galaxies… Speak of words that guide me – whispers of truth, of eternity… Lead me where I find myself; a solemn prayer in love, to dwell… O howling wind, lead meContinue reading “O Howling Wind! —Isha Garg”

Life is Beautiful with You

Twenty posts posting, means I have discovered 20 wonderful poets. And actually, since this achievement, I have discovered many, many more lovers of words!! The truest gift, on Grumpy Gifts, is the perpetual discovery of many more brilliant and beautiful talented people. Thank you for letting me into your precious world. I am honored toContinue reading “Life is Beautiful with You”

Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)

Image Source – Google ” Some people who call themselves wise, assume that innocent and honest people are fools. And this particular belief puts a big question mark on their wisdom.” Yeah, they are sensibleGreat and practicalOnly believe in being representableSomething which is fashionable But, Innocence is admirableNo matter what but unalterableAnd, they call itContinue reading “Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)”

Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj

Strip-poetry You taught me poetry doesn’t have to belonglikethis.It doesn’t have to rhymeevery single time.All poetry needs to be is a punchinto someone’s gutstrong enough to make them gasp.“Poetry is a seedand you are the sunflower.”Strip a poem word by worddown to this bare bone,and you’ll find that poetryis just a couple of words deep.PoetryContinue reading “Strip-poetry: Ustav Raj”