Little Free Photos

Anthony is off writing somewhere distant. I am still here randomly, discovering new voices, sharing original pictures for poem prompts, listening to bird song. How is your summer? What is capturing your imagination?

Little Free Photos

Trying something new!! Leave some descriptive words in the comment section. Take some words with you. Use the inspiring words in a poem. Post the poem on your blog. You are welcome to use my photo in the blog post. You can share the blog link in the comments so we can visit your blogContinue reading “Little Free Photos”

Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)

“A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which every passerby leaves a mark.” -Chinese Proverb Every word I read on WP is shared here with good intention to pass along words of encouragement or healing or spur on thought. To have us look beyond ourselves and see others. To imagine a worldContinue reading “Making Beauty (The Beholder Knows)”

A Lonely Pinwheel —Jay Bleu

A Lonely Pinwheel Spins in the Wind at a Grave: Someone Remembers. By that Graves, He Walks. He’ll Never Have a Pinwheel. . . Already Alone. While His Cheeks are Dry. A Thousand Tears Flood his Soul Distant, Lonely Stars. Read more —Jay Bleu aka The Fragrance Writer

Work of a Different Kind Beckons —trE

sleep doesn’t hold me close this morning, it left me hours ago– waning in the mystic light hovering over the flutter of birds’ flight I remind myself that work of a different kind beckons & rest will drape me in its hold when the day becomes lifeless & old. Read more trE @ ThisContinue reading “Work of a Different Kind Beckons —trE”

A Storms Charm —Fragilistic

Through the storm in our hearts Through the veil in our minds Through the blindness in our eyes A body of storm cries. Fearful, yet fascinated Isolated, yet captivated Contemplating, Pulsating With the rage, awaited.     Through the blinding, scathing winds Through the loud and gusty grinds Through the startling, instant thunders A soul,Continue reading “A Storms Charm —Fragilistic”

It is in the mood to rain —Kritika

It’s going to rain, for you never know it could be echoing somebody’s pain; the feelings that were so strong, for the emotions held for long, though the time was less, but the moment was a caress; like a feather touch precious to hold onto, but, it flowed out like water, unstoppable yet nurturer. TheContinue reading “It is in the mood to rain —Kritika”

Not Quite —Carol J Forrester

Last night I dreamed you real. Felt you within the softness of my belly. Loved you an existence. Broke my heart open, when this dream came loose. Woke to pre-dawn, a sleeping husband, a house just the same, and an ache too close to grief for someone not quite here yet. Read more Carol JContinue reading “Not Quite —Carol J Forrester”