behind forbidden’s door – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

See what’s behindIn-between the creasesI cannot hideYou’ll see my realityThe truth that I faceThe depth of my desiresI dare not tasteEach sweeter than honeyThese visions I exploreYet locked in silenceBehind forbidden’s door © 2020 Michelle Cook at: Photo credit:

Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)

“You can find me in the frozen mood section.” Henry Rollins Gently Mocked The day was perfect, but I found its fault where no fault lay, I beat upon its languid warmth, sneered at its sunlit leaves, belittled its calm and cheery air, and, all the while unblemished, it gently mocked my jaded mood. ©Paul VincentContinue reading “Gently Mocked – Paul Vincent Cannon (parallax)”

The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

Her eyes, wide and gleaming,Filled with love, hope, and curiosity,Such a sharp awakening,From a deary loop of mundanity. Such high expectations from life,So many dreams to be fulfilled,In such a hurry to grow up,To be independent, move out. Little does she know,What’s yet to come,Life kills hopes and dreams,And sucks one into a routine. InContinue reading “The Mirror of my Memories – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

An Atheist in Love – Upashna

A committed atheist,I prowl the realm of mortalswearing a robe of snobberysceptre of rationaleheld close to heart,head unbowed to any form of divinity.Brandishing wordspeering through the faces of ignorant fools,smirked at their lugubrity.Until one day,sauntering down the pathstrewn with cherry blossomsI came across an old novitiate.The beauty of the flowerstill floating in my eyes,my thoughtsContinue reading “An Atheist in Love – Upashna”

Untitled -Chris Nelson

Born into the night Sharp-suited, black Against the shadows, Felt your footsteps Cold and soundless Tracking, Each placed deep within my own, Your breath, Chill upon my neck As your words swirled, Like birds lost in the warmth Of early winter, Around my head, My back sheltered by  The uneasiness of your coat Wrapped aboutContinue reading “Untitled -Chris Nelson”

Peeping Poet – Harley Unhinged

a clever pouring of rhyme – GG Peeping poet Peeking in my window Hoping to catch a glimpse of Oh…you know Wishing I’ll inspire you and Help you find your flow Envious you’re on the outside In the cold The dark The snow Ivory is my skin Poison is my tongue Yet all you canContinue reading “Peeping Poet – Harley Unhinged”