sun and moon – House of Heart

Your lips against my skin make my bones smolder. You are subtle like the imprints of fingertips pressed along my thighs dissolving into each other. Can you can read my life with my heart beat in your palm? With Scorpio eyes recycled like the mist of morning rain. we are sun and moon falling canContinue reading “sun and moon – House of Heart”

Sweet Shiraz- Angelique Boyd (INTROVERSE) Stuck on the couch It’s 3:27 in the morning The wine stain on my shirt reminds me of the leftover wine in my glass I take a sip And a few more It’s 4:30 am and I am suddenly awakened by a thump between my thighs I try not to call you because IContinue reading “Sweet Shiraz- Angelique Boyd (INTROVERSE)”

confessionals and currency – House of Heart

Sheer scarves cover a bed side  lamp as night slips in on tiger paws the swaying beams of a velvet moon drift through  veils  of lilac tulle Her egg shell limbs are  caught in binds, her breasts alert gazelles she is the red of womanhood her eyes the shade of currency Her mind is  his confessionalContinue reading “confessionals and currency – House of Heart”

Absinthe – House of Heart

Molten wax streams down the copper sconce onto the night stand as  you light my cigarette and  proceed to pour  your   unholy green trinity of wormwood, fennel, and anise into a fine crystal goblet.   Holding the spoon gently to my lips I impudently turn away.  I do not touch your concoction until youContinue reading “Absinthe – House of Heart”