Finding you at summer’s end – Neha (forgotten meadows)

It was like… it was meant to be, finding you at summer’s end, where all things fall, through the dotted lines… of gold and red, finding you at summer’s end. poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image taken from pexels credit goes to original artist online at:

autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)

squander red rockalone the ladyand darknessto the tidesdislocate Apollo,to pares of boneswed to grief;I shatter likethe blue mooninto fall’s handsin the fingertipsof flowers that were not mine& ghost planetsand shiversreserved to thedeath of the apple,and baby’s dream. © 2020 All Rights Reserved. online at: Written for this week’s Go Dog Go Prompt: into fall’sContinue reading “autumn – Lucy (of Lucy’s Works)”

Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)

We were young and we were wild,Didn’t really care for slow or mild,Dove into love without a second thought,Fairy tale romance was what we sought,Our first kiss, pure bliss, like magic;Slow-deep, then passionate-frantic,“Better than Romeo and Juliet”, we’d say,We made promises, didn’t delay,We were rainbows and springtime roses,We ran unbound like wild horses. Until weContinue reading “Into fall’s hands – Shreya Joshi (Wild Scared Crazy)”

Moonlight in August – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)

The night was bright with stars,Like the scales of silver fishesSwimming into the fire of my ship.Come children of the sea.Dance against the silence of the night.I was sailing in the skiesIn search of the moon,But found none.Yet in my sleep, the moon glances over me.Its colors dripping from the canopyAnd into the branches andContinue reading “Moonlight in August – Onie Maniego (The Paper Drafts)”

WILLOW – blindzany girl (of blind wildnerness)

Willow weeps sad tearsWhen autumn’s glory passesWinter undresses Tears turn to joy SpringBegins to clothe the branchesLife returns again Full summer’s heat leavesThick with the fullness of lifeJoy in abundance Colours glowing leavesFilling us with the delightsThat autumn brings us Soon leaves die and fallBecoming dust on the groundSaying we are dust online at: