Where the White Wolves Dance —Scott Andrew Bailey

By Scott Bailey © 2014 A ring of solid light Hovers just above the ground Spinning with infinity Casts glamour all around This is Where the white wolves dance It is said the be the child Of the seed of forbidden fruit Born from secret knowledge Found on a hidden a hidden route Around itContinue reading “Where the White Wolves Dance —Scott Andrew Bailey”

Desert Dancers —Scott Andrew Bailey

In a growing desert on flowing sands Sinking down into dried oasis A market thrives Rich men and women trade Food for souls Hot air for agreement And everyone dances While the sands sink Everyone laughs and sings Scott Andrew Bailey blog His poems are published in A Spring of Dreams (UK) and A SpringContinue reading “Desert Dancers —Scott Andrew Bailey”

Blue Star – Scott Andrew Bailey

By Scott Bailey © 2013 Blue star beamSlides by a smoky moonDances through Saturn’s ringsA lone abyssal tuneLingers by the Jovian stormsThen on to lunar dustDown through cool and silent skyDrawn down and down like lustBrief it touches silken skinPauses for a spellThen down into the darknessOf the iris that does swell. online at: https://scottandrewbailey.com/Continue reading “Blue Star – Scott Andrew Bailey”