countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr. the fires of life taste the flavor of dwarf gardens in poets’ dreams raised by cold river on rushing currents. nearby, a bare tree smiles at the sky and rises directly to the wind: behold the promise of a fountain fall to dissipate the fancies on rays of countless sun colors that knit theContinue reading “countless colors shall bring tomorrow – Said Sadain jr.”

a mother’s whisper – Said Sadain (from sand star blog)

a mother’s whisper the sad letters of empty pagessit with me and my daily wages,mother whispers from miles of hue: back home my son they look for you on window sills where hang the stars that pluck the notes from your guitar,are you this coffee memory across the table, across the sea? the frogs and turtles have come toContinue reading “a mother’s whisper – Said Sadain (from sand star blog)”

Talking To the Sun – Said Sadain (Sand Star Blog)

talking to the sun the cars stop at red, a momentary block,as the gaunt but big-boned man— with sun-baked face and arms,hair and beard dangling wiry, crinkledlike loose threads of his faded-violetduffel bag slung on a towering shoulder,dressed in tattered flowing brown robethat had long lost its sleeves —crosses our part of the street onContinue reading “Talking To the Sun – Said Sadain (Sand Star Blog)”