He’s Gone! – Dwight L. Roth (of Roth Poetry)

Inhaling smoke from your flame Burning in the heat of the moment You were warned, you were told Did you listen? No! Now you will burn Like flash paper in a magician’s hand Combustible feelings up in smoke That mind-blowing moment gone Your all-consuming desire Not quite what you expected Leaving ashes for memories DustContinue reading “He’s Gone! – Dwight L. Roth (of Roth Poetry)”

Crowning Glory – Roth Poetry

https://rothpoetry.wordpress.com/ Years of nurishment Rhododendron blooms purple Crowning Glory Each flower uniquely shines Just like each of us ***** You my dear surpass all others Blooming beauty shines within Love for all to share Beautiful  gray hair reflects Your outer Crowning Glory ***** Roth poetry at: https://rothpoetry.wordpress.com/ Photo: Dwight L. Roth Today’s poem is writtenContinue reading “Crowning Glory – Roth Poetry”

New Meaning – Roth Poetry

https://rothpoetry.wordpress.com/ Forced SolitaryOld walls come downWe must talk*****Light breaks the darknessBuilding bridges heart to heartWords hold new meaning***** “Barn’s burnt down, now I can see the moon.”~Mizuta Masahide Mish, at d’verse, asked what we can learn from all unsettling things that are happening around us. The quote by Mizuta Masahide shows that good can comeContinue reading “New Meaning – Roth Poetry”