Âme Perdue —JoJo Alwaealy

Loving memory; “Kisses of the sweet.” As I begin with this story to tell, from whispering to the losing thoughts of discrete. While embracing the shadows, I run for you down the street. The beauty and grace, to remember them between the lane, I seek for answers beyond my burning sensation of the bittersweet. TenderContinue reading “Âme Perdue —JoJo Alwaealy”

Layers of Longing —Shreya Sharma

My beating heart is a drum a thunderous rhythm reciting an epistle of my grief. A concoction of      togetherness & separation. There are layers of longing;    of being seen    and seeing    of a single touch    and being touched    of love    and being loved. I swallow nights in countingContinue reading “Layers of Longing —Shreya Sharma”

Nest —Mike Ennenbach

today as you sleep, i stare at the ceiling pondering the sea salt crystals on your lovely hands as they dig through the crates of my every unspoken thought the hard tangle of roots writhing just under the flesh the forks of lightning dancing within your eyes as you seek the hidden words in everyContinue reading “Nest —Mike Ennenbach”

Clouds —Priyanshu Mehta

I look up above and wonder If it’s a sad thing To be clouds To not be able to confide in The Sun, the stars or in crowds To keep changing colours So they can keep celebrating the sky To keep floating around So little birds can fly and dive and enjoy To drain yourselfContinue reading “Clouds —Priyanshu Mehta”

In Between —Danica Aquino

I want to fill the spaces in between, Don’t think of me in the morning, When the earth is kissed by the first ray of sunlight, Don’t think of me when you’re stuck in traffic and you seem so angry waiting for the cup of coffee to kick in, Don’t think of me when youContinue reading “In Between —Danica Aquino”

“Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)

I sat among friendsand smiled when they took your nameand placed it carefully beside mine. I laughed, had another drink,looked away, hiding in myselfholding dearlythe part of you beating in me. As I negated every jokemade at our expense,knowing how silly it all was.I realized, this – our ridiculously sweet love,our hearts filling and overflowingwithContinue reading ““Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)”

Maybe Someday – michnavs

maybe someday I will beyour sweetest melodysoothing your lonesome heartin splended tranquilityserenading youjust, you maybe someday I will beyour happiest thoughteasing your anxietyin times of despairmusing youjust, you maybe someday we will bewriting together, a love poem duoon a stop overin a train stationto Paris  Maybe someday just you and Iby the train stationto Paris  inContinue reading “Maybe Someday – michnavs”