“Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)

I sat among friendsand smiled when they took your nameand placed it carefully beside mine. I laughed, had another drink,looked away, hiding in myselfholding dearlythe part of you beating in me. As I negated every jokemade at our expense,knowing how silly it all was.I realized, this – our ridiculously sweet love,our hearts filling and overflowingwithContinue reading ““Unreal” – Nayana Nair (it rains in my heart)”

Maybe Someday – michnavs

maybe someday I will beyour sweetest melodysoothing your lonesome heartin splended tranquilityserenading youjust, you maybe someday I will beyour happiest thoughteasing your anxietyin times of despairmusing youjust, you maybe someday we will bewriting together, a love poem duoon a stop overin a train stationto Paris  Maybe someday just you and Iby the train stationto Paris  inContinue reading “Maybe Someday – michnavs”

Written, Eyes Closed (Heart Ajar) – Some Grumpy Poet

Thanks for helping keep my candle lit, happy birthday. set out to write true lovea birthday poem, dipped in quivering quillthen fingers wentfrozen. me, of this floodgate soul,sanctimony served bythe mouthful grown fretful whenbare, and stripped ofall my clever- just a stealthy takeon fear of reallybeing seenand its routineprocrastination,selective attentioncue deflections, still blank as parchmentlaidContinue reading “Written, Eyes Closed (Heart Ajar) – Some Grumpy Poet”

Before the Fall Folds —Maria

your smile turns summer into a feeling and my world tilts towards you, babe i am a teen once again— blushing pink ‘neath love’s golden rays and i know seasons are passing and only fools rush in but before the fall folds. . . allow me to relish your summer smile walk with me alongContinue reading “Before the Fall Folds —Maria”

I Wonder If I Cross Your Mind- Debatably Deteable

I wonder if your sister ever got married. I wonder what you taste like. I wonder if your friend likes his job out of state. I wonder how strong your arms would feel wrapped around me. I wonder if you wonder about me. I wonder if you remember the details of my life like I doContinue reading “I Wonder If I Cross Your Mind- Debatably Deteable”

Sleek as you are – Fauxcroft

Sleek body shining so glossyCurves so fine and so damn classyI bet you are the sweetest rideBuilt for comfortLet’s go full throttleAnd head got the summitAs we peak with the wind blowing in our hairShow me your best and give me your flairI can show what a thrust really can doRide baby ride hell forContinue reading “Sleek as you are – Fauxcroft”

Delicate Flower – John Coyote

Delicate flower I was a wore and torn man, receded into the whiskey bottles and the dead-end dreams. I sang lullabies of thing lost and could not be found no-more. A delicate and fragile woman told me. What eludes our hands and fingers. What we denied ourselves are the misfortune of a foolish man. TheContinue reading “Delicate Flower – John Coyote”