The Best Medicine – River Dixon (The Stories In Between)

I always findThe humor in thingsOtherwise, the worldWould have consumedMe long ago Trust meI’ve seen themAll of themParalyzed inTheir sufferingFelt themIn every fiberOf my being Jokes at a funeralCracking againstScowling, judgmentalStares, gaping mouthsShocked by perceivedCallous indifference But their outwardProjections, are notThe only meansTo grieveSome of usAre not soTransparentIn ourAbsorption ofThe world Outward appearancesCannot defineThe beastTearingContinue reading “The Best Medicine – River Dixon (The Stories In Between)”

Retrace the Steps – River Dixon I’ve reached that point Monotony, routine, boredom Morning after morning, afternoon – repeat Evening, more of the same Days blur, didn’t I just do that No, that was yesterday Same time, same motion, same result Retrace every footstep, last year is this year Again – repeat, yesterday was tomorrow The dog blinks, waits patiently TurnContinue reading “Retrace the Steps – River Dixon”

A Clean Sink is Necessary – River Dixon I can’t get the stain From my hands Scalding, castile mornings Bleach and razor blades Sloughing the scale from Flaking, disintegrating fingers Clogged drain, mold and hair Alcohol drips with purpose Down the leading edge Of your grandfather’s Antique barber’s shears Ceremoniously honed For such an occasion Nails, one, two, another Meticulously torn FromContinue reading “A Clean Sink is Necessary – River Dixon”

To Those Owned – River Dixon

Wow. Love hasn’t gone Just set aside For a while A failure to recognize The adjoining Rhythm of strings And skins, wind Tapping at the cusp Of forgiveness And the opportunity To make amends Begrudgingly, in the face Of pride, a remedy Those simple words To acknowledge And finally say I’m sorry To read moreContinue reading “To Those Owned – River Dixon”