poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)

I see a new person now. The years’ baggage- so much bitterness and resentment- has disappeared like lost luggage. She stands at the Baggage Claim, befuddled then teeters down the hall, oblivious to its loss. This peaceful creature is new. There is no room to hold the past against her. for more from this deepContinue reading “poem – seeing (Shawn L. Bird)”

I prevail – Michelle Cook

https://herwritinghaven.com/ As my eyes openThe light deflects my thoughtsLike insects they scurry awayLeaving a trail of unfinished reflections This is why I write so much betterWhen I’m on the verge of dreamingIn darkness and seclusionIs where most of my ideas are born Just like the vast oceansTeeming with animals we’ve never seenSo it is theContinue reading “I prevail – Michelle Cook”

Costume of Myself -Lauren Kathleen

An unchanging skeleton template –The foundation of every selfIs the same cascade of rootsMapped out in a blueprint, essentialTo the unfolding of a life. We build costumes of ourselves around the frame work,Skins new then old then made new again.Or new then old then forgotten completely,New year, new me.But the old year, old meStill lingersContinue reading “Costume of Myself -Lauren Kathleen”