For Frog – Renwick Berchild (the Larkspur Home)

Cool frog, take your hopto next year’s barbecue burble, the peoplerotund turtles, carrying their professionstoasting white smiles with their goblet mirrors. I’ll follow; you’ll take the paththat crosses John Avenue and wendsthrough Ms. Janet’s row of bleeding hearts.(I might pocket one on the way, ok?) I don’t mind leaving it; the backyard elbowingand the nightmareContinue reading “For Frog – Renwick Berchild (the Larkspur Home)”

Things – Renwick Berchild

This is what I’ve decidedto do with a dead woman’s things. Threadingher clothing through openings, taking her booksand splaying them spine high like fallen birds. Burning the chairs where she pretendedrusted weak hands never hardened me,the kitchen orchids’ sorry mindsdrooping wrinkled to the pane. Ex mero motu, her fancy silver, I take outsideand stick themContinue reading “Things – Renwick Berchild”