noT the E kiSS – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)

Not The Kiss I don’t want to kiss you nowI want to steal your stareI want to see the world in your eyesand drown in that atmosphere I don’t want to kiss you nowI want to watch your lipsspeaking about life and loveand many more pleasing things I don’t want to kiss you nowI wantContinue reading “noT the E kiSS – Kritika (Undressed Thoughts)”

No -Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)

I say ‘no’; you say ‘yes’.I say ‘not now’; you say ‘oh, yes’.I say ‘wait’; you say ‘no’.I see your mouth, I say ‘okay’. I say ‘down’; you say ‘up’.I say ‘no’; you say ‘yes’.I say ‘but’; you say ‘up!’,I see your eyes, I say ‘okay’. I say ‘safe?’; you say ‘no’;I say ‘but…’; youContinue reading “No -Neeraj Kumar (Exposed Emotions)”

consistency – debatably dateable You ask why I choose you and it’s as simple as you and me here right now. It’s you here for me, showing up everyday  Just a phone call away. It’s not convenience, it’s consistency. I can count on you to lean on I can count on being in your arms every night  andContinue reading “consistency – debatably dateable”

my mourning dove heart – emje is it spring timethe end of the worldor is it justthat i mate for life?i cannot get dusty off my mindobviously i did not bury himdeep enough…or we areunwillingsoulmatesafter all. words and art by author. Find more of her work here:

Anna – makeshift26

I wonder how it felt in those last moments, when you knew.Didn’t we part in the worst possible way? I remember it like that.Seeing you in the corner of the club,leaned against the wall, crying.It must have hurt. Maybe I hurt too.As we all know, it is better to feel painthan nothing at all.You leftContinue reading “Anna – makeshift26”

Piece of You_Amy Finley

When said you had to go, I knew I’d never make it through Unless I had a piece of you To help me make it through the day And help me keep the tears at bay. So, I keep a bit of you Inside my heart through all I do So, when I end upContinue reading “Piece of You_Amy Finley”

Le Noire – Erin Shinker

Starting with a misstep afterskipping over my own tongue.Taken in stride by yourquick wit held aloft bya charmed laugh. Smitten by anunexpected connection;altered plans,perhaps serendipitous,led our paths to cross.But, as ever, I am unsure;past friendliness so oftenmistaken for interest. I play back our timetogether; reminiscing alreadyin the wish of repeating. I hope we meet again,ifContinue reading “Le Noire – Erin Shinker”