Drawer of Possibilities – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)

Drawer of Possibilities In the drawer of possibilitiesyou find stasis, the lure of the unknown.To what should this hinged orbbe subservient? Or that wrinkled blade?An egg, the bald potato. The sacrificialcarrot? To everything its purpose.Like that light in the crook of thealtered frame, attracting the wingedbeings. You, of course, serve nothing. “Drawer of Possibilities” firstContinue reading “Drawer of Possibilities – Robert Okaji (O at the Edges)”

Reception Room 52 – Maria Gianna Iannucci (Reflections on Existence)

https://giannaiannucci.com/ sew and patch a lesser love the lukewarm quilt barely covers enough ~ M.G. Iannucci 2020 I am hemming the sorrow of a courser weave, preparing to leave. ~ Voluntary simplicity is nonviolent. Choosing to leave lesser forms of loving is also the cultivation of elegant minimalism. The singleness of unity is not scarcity,Continue reading “Reception Room 52 – Maria Gianna Iannucci (Reflections on Existence)”

The Touch of the Earth – Maria Gianna Iannuci

https://giannaiannucci.com/ I want to touch your face With eyes sealed Standing before the sea Knowing it by the fragrance Of tide pool silt Seagrasses and minnows .With fingertips and palms The texture of sand, Crystalline droplets, Solidified tears From stars and heat, And lightning fusing grains into glass Smooth, cool in the evening dew, SaltContinue reading “The Touch of the Earth – Maria Gianna Iannuci”

Carnelian – Maria Gianna Iannucci (Reflections on Existence)

https://giannaiannucci.com/ crush my fiery secret in your balled fist watermark my thigh i am the paper cut throbbing in your love line ~ M.G. Iannucci 2020 Seize every moment with passion. Photo: Rose for more from this deep feeler, click here:

Fleur de Lys – Maria Gianna Iannucci

https://giannaiannucci.com/ i drown the sailor far from land tame the beast and love the man ~ M.G. Iannucci 2020 Photo: The iris is one of the few flowers that has photosynthetic petals…a powerful symbol for beauty, nourishment, and life force energy. Grounded with roots in the rocks and soul in the sun, another treasure foundContinue reading “Fleur de Lys – Maria Gianna Iannucci”

Altimeters – Maria Gianna Iannucci

https://giannaiannucci.com/ treasured art a lost part beneath gravel knees a tender discovered boundary where kisses graze the pillar’s face as i search my vulnerability the fragile totality of connectivity a revolving door that escapes me as i behold infinite beauty ~ a fragmented universe in harmony ~ © M.G. Iannucci 2020 PHOTO: Admiralty Arch byContinue reading “Altimeters – Maria Gianna Iannucci”