Museum —Divil the Bit

It’s about that which went before and nostalgia is not an option. So begins the road to the past and I drive down Landseer street. Land seer indeed. What things I’ve seen and shared. But how to proceed? Perhaps in prehistory; rocks and the beginnings of life; a different life in Belfast, aeons ago.I seeContinue reading “Museum —Divil the Bit”

Smile – Otrazhenie

A smile is quite a funny thingIt wrinkles up your faceAnd when it’s gone, you’ll never findIts secret hiding placeBut far more wonderful it isTo see what smiles can doYou smile at one, she smiles at youAnd so one smile makes two He smiles at someone, since you smileAnd then that one smiles backAnd thatContinue reading “Smile – Otrazhenie”

a fixed reflection – one round corner

The camera compresses the world into a frame. The transitory becomes fixed in an illusion. Smoke trapped underwater. Cloud textures trapped in rocks. The horizon is a stroke of ink, or a line of difference, drawn by the camera’s position. As my consciousness defines what I see, have I not become the calm of aContinue reading “a fixed reflection – one round corner”