To Every Woman – Reaching Joy (poetry, and other writings)

Skills. Not then. Shame. A sin. God still peering over my shoulder Memory abounds. I do not go closer. Body tenses. Don’t you feel it? I challenge myself to move in; I know I need it. Oh…the confusion, the pain, the anxious heart I did not see screams out in my face, draws it back—Continue reading “To Every Woman – Reaching Joy (poetry, and other writings)”

Q-tips – Reaching Joy Q-tips feel good when I scratch inside my ear, try to find what’s living in there. Is it guilt for being “the golden child,” my sister running away to the Hewitt playground because of the dark shadow behind me? Maybe it’s associations, trauma, changing the narrative as a practice, taking gentle effort, taking time?Continue reading “Q-tips – Reaching Joy”

Slow Love – Reaching Joy Let’s not listen to any music, let the lyrics come on their own. Open the door. Let the birds sing. The ground sweat. You do not always have to be the dancer, alone in the corner, swaying under hanging plants and borrowed words. Do the birds sing of lost lovers? Do the trees dreamContinue reading “Slow Love – Reaching Joy”