Colours Change – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Englyn proest gadwynog The seasons turned, summer passedThe cricket games came and wentAs colours change the trees blastVibrant hues in autumn’s want Soon our feet can kick through fallTo sit on the cooling shoreThe lake ripples, softly callTime passing the seasons share ©JGFarmer2020 online at:

Silent Voice – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Free Verse Too afraid to speak to stand up and say my name instead my voice tapers to silence as it falls on deaf ears and the voice I hear is not mine instead the only thing I achieve is not to speak so no one, not even me, can hear me and IContinue reading “Silent Voice – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Poets Play – JG Famer (Raven) Form: Collins Sestet Those gentle words that speak of loving graceWhere e’er I gaze upon her moonlit faceThe sacred love that longs to comfort me,Within the shadows of a dream I seeThat home is where the heart is, so they say,And love divine is where the poets play. And as I pray in lunarContinue reading “Poets Play – JG Famer (Raven)”

For Love to Blossom – JG Farmer (Raven) Form: Burns’ Stanza When the robin visited that dayIn guano, he set me out to layUnknowing the bird came to playI laid beneath the sunMy warmth on a cold winter’s dayAs birds play I was born Alone, I shuddered into dirtMy shelter when wind and rain hurtNo mercy for me, just a squirtWaiting forContinue reading “For Love to Blossom – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Canadian Sonnet – English (Notes) – JG Farmer (Raven)

Structure: 2 quatrains and 2 tripletsMeter: Decasyllabic or pentameterSchema: abba bccb efg efg Example: Champagne Flute by Jez Farmer Two bubbles within the glass flute appearBoth born of wine to rise in time as oneFor destiny will never be outdoneAs streams of condensation swiftly clearIn icy cold sweetness we celebrateA joining the mystic eyes couldContinue reading “Canadian Sonnet – English (Notes) – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Make it Today – JG Farmer (Raven)

Form: Free Verse I feel the coldness of your touch lingerSigh, as again you tease with a fingerI hunger for you dark queen, your realm I seekFreedom in your shadow from chains so bleakHail dark angel, blessed queen, make it todaySlice the scythe goddess and take me your way ©JGFarmer2008 for more from this ravenousContinue reading “Make it Today – JG Farmer (Raven)”

Bygone Days – Raven (JG Farmer) Form: Ivorian Sonnet 38 I want to be the one holding your handWhile strolling along the summer night strandJust like they did then in those bygone daysWhen a reserved kiss was saying goodnightAnd eyes would speak as they went their own waysWas it just a kiss he left on her lips?And is lust andContinue reading “Bygone Days – Raven (JG Farmer)”

Raven —Mayuri Barve

What makes a raven stand out? I ask the black bird perched on my desk. She makes no movement and continues to stand still when I ask, if it’s the grotesque. Surely then, it must be death, I further ask, But she stays stiller still as if wearing an invisible mask. Then myth, I sayContinue reading “Raven —Mayuri Barve”