Rain – michnavs

https://michnavs.wordpress.com/ rain falls gentlylike my own poetryeach drop, a syllablea sweet verse of love each one is a melodyof songs of thoughtsof dreams of ever afterand of love comforting dead air silencelast drop of raina fading memoryof a distant promise just memoriesof many summers agothen all is stillsummer is still for more from this inspirationalContinue reading “Rain – michnavs”

A Love Like Raindrops —Varnika Jain

Do you know what rains do to cities? They make them more beautiful Primordial even Till every nook and cranny rejoices With each drop gently tearing down And as it hits the ground It releases A beautiful scent that only it can bring about In the mud, on the leaves While the entire city sleepsContinue reading “A Love Like Raindrops —Varnika Jain”

It is in the mood to rain —Kritika

It’s going to rain, for you never know it could be echoing somebody’s pain; the feelings that were so strong, for the emotions held for long, though the time was less, but the moment was a caress; like a feather touch precious to hold onto, but, it flowed out like water, unstoppable yet nurturer. TheContinue reading “It is in the mood to rain —Kritika”