It Rained Inside —Rahul Gaur

I am her little secret she hides me in her mind and meets me in her dreams where we skip once upon a time I fall to the ground she invites me inside her home I stumble in as the cloud rumbles only for it to rain inside her home The air is drowning weContinue reading “It Rained Inside —Rahul Gaur”

{343} – Exhibition in Vanity – Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day)

I am in the makingof my own digital cageI confess all the numbnessthat comes with notlistening to yourselfJust to seek validation from youthat in itself comes froma similar point of viewCreating a distortedmade up world full ofunicorns of positivity hidingdemons of loneliness Chasing quiet but I am chasedin the economy of distractionAn anonymous entity wantingContinue reading “{343} – Exhibition in Vanity – Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day)”

Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)

Dissociation in styleI walk on reflected cloudsIt’s a metaphorical livingI wish I could live on the groundI always wander in the spacesLiminal places of the nether worldwhere the shape of a snow is intactand the anticipation of a surprise still betterthan the surprise of you visitingwhere you don’t usually visitUsually i’m the first to arriveContinue reading “Anticipatory Love – Rahul Gauer (Smoke Words Every Day)”

{313} Untitled Living -Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day) The secrets of the skieslie at our feetbut we’re busy looking upforging the present inthe hope of a futureStuck in limbos of wanting to liveand the hustle of dying slowlywe find ourselves lost most of the timewhen we should lose ourselves oftento find what we’re all about The post [313] Untitled Living appeared first on Smoke WordsContinue reading “{313} Untitled Living -Rahul Gaur (Smoke Words Every Day)”