Wonderful Life – Charly Priest (Crazy Life)

The life you are bornYou make or not make the big hornTrying to pretendYou end up in a deep endBut in my case- a wonderful lifeGood, bad, ugly, and silly justA wonderful life. Stay Frosty gents and gentesses. for more from Charly, click on over: https://charlypriest.wordpress.com/

Sweet Shiraz- Angelique Boyd (INTROVERSE)

https://readintroverse.com/ Stuck on the couch It’s 3:27 in the morning The wine stain on my shirt reminds me of the leftover wine in my glass I take a sip And a few more It’s 4:30 am and I am suddenly awakened by a thump between my thighs I try not to call you because IContinue reading “Sweet Shiraz- Angelique Boyd (INTROVERSE)”