you seem different lately – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven) You seem different latelyResolvedLike you won’t dare budgeBecause whatever it isThat thing you’ve decidedYou’re now insteadResoluteThat’s exactly what you areAnd it’s interestingBecause I thought you were doingJust fineYou know – the way you were beforeFunny thing isYou’d never admitYou’ve changedThat you’re anything differentThan what you’ve always beenBut I see throughAll that nonsensical jibber jabberAndContinue reading “you seem different lately – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)”

Ghost – Mvadi

Ghost, In the midst of What used to be mine, What is not mine now and What will never belong to Another. Ghost, With the wind chimes Tangoing in and out Of the endless sky of my mind, A prison that looks open But is truly So cruel. Ghost, A shadow of what once was,Continue reading “Ghost – Mvadi”

NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl

At the back of my mind I find youThough really you do not existPerhaps I made you upThen hid you ready to access when I need youOver and over againI turn over the things of lifeOr are they really deathI no longer known what is livingAnd what is dyingThough maybe both are the same thingContinue reading “NEITHER OR EITHER – blindzanygirl”