To Those Owned – River Dixon

Wow. Love hasn’t gone Just set aside For a while A failure to recognize The adjoining Rhythm of strings And skins, wind Tapping at the cusp Of forgiveness And the opportunity To make amends Begrudgingly, in the face Of pride, a remedy Those simple words To acknowledge And finally say I’m sorry To read moreContinue reading “To Those Owned – River Dixon”

268–Communication —Rahul Gaurb

I mix up silence for aggression Fighting you in imaginary wars Where do you find your words usually? It seems you’ve lost your way Your answer comes as a bitter understanding “Feelings turn into half thoughts Words impure them usually Sentences jumble the feeling i felt that i’ve lost since you’ve come in my way”Continue reading “268–Communication —Rahul Gaurb”

Trembling soul Midnight Tolls – Maria

Trembling soul midnight tolls Escaping minds wonder A thief A thirst Adrift in the night Dancing spirits Traveling through me Faster than waves of light A determined being A wonder shifting through to read more from Maria at Pearl Girl Ponderings, click here:

Dec11- Nathan Corker

Ten seconds after the explosionI sat on my porch in Hunter’s OakAnd toasted marshmallowsIn the blushed December night.The heat stood stock straight,Daring me with childish eyesTo challenge it, to defeat it,Go beyond the end of the roadAnd relish in the blazing.I took to my Tesco’s lunch bag,Dug out my sandwiches,Watched them go up in smokeLikeContinue reading “Dec11- Nathan Corker”

Riverside – Jeanne

Though Jeanne is helping me monitor and the site, I felt the need to share this on her behalf as it’s really good, and belongs. 🙂 you, feathered friendthe only way to be you come and goleave a notewander on your way the joy you leavewrapped in melody yonder, where cattails playand dogfish strayand heartsContinue reading “Riverside – Jeanne”

Nothing Lasts Long- Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)

When the hurricane and the hot sun, The flower beds they wilt and burn; Drying up trees lively lush green, Destroying nature’s tranquility serene; A destined wind takes the petals away, Shaking the trees hard, making branches sway; The memories hidden in the lifeless dry leaves, Are roughly washed away from the trees; The preciousContinue reading “Nothing Lasts Long- Chitkala Aditosh (Chitkala Mulye)”

Connected – PurpleStar

I think I wrote you into beingOr maybe it’s all my imaginationThat I find you in every inspiring wordAnd every heart felt lineI’ve writtenEven all the ones I wrote beforeI ever met youIf you don’t believe meTake a walk through my writingsSee how much of you you findWhen you’re finish with your findingsTell me ofContinue reading “Connected – PurpleStar”

Ride – Frank Regan

You have to drive with your eyesIf you want to get there alive.Or you can kick your shoes off,Take it easy and just ride. Knowing every day you die a little inside. Put your sunglasses on or take the time.Be a passenger, honey, or read the signs.Stay up to see the sunrise; see the colours;Continue reading “Ride – Frank Regan”

Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)

Image Source – Google ” Some people who call themselves wise, assume that innocent and honest people are fools. And this particular belief puts a big question mark on their wisdom.” Yeah, they are sensibleGreat and practicalOnly believe in being representableSomething which is fashionable But, Innocence is admirableNo matter what but unalterableAnd, they call itContinue reading “Belief of Belief – Priyamvada (Ray of Sunshine)”