lonely poetry of night – Short Prose Fiction

trees whisper, cries of cloudy skiesinaudible, unseen,you, Astraea,you push me on a long-forgotten trailthe ocean, poisoned, green, unsettledwarm tongues, ecstasies of memories un-liveddefiled the innocence of maiden-starstears, corridors of sandyou, universe that dreamt us allthe pain of suffocated myths that diekisses, floating sanctuariesAstraea,you who don’t know desireburn the nihilism of fleshthe plightof souls sold forContinue reading “lonely poetry of night – Short Prose Fiction”

Le Noire – Erin Shinker

Starting with a misstep afterskipping over my own tongue.Taken in stride by yourquick wit held aloft bya charmed laugh. Smitten by anunexpected connection;altered plans,perhaps serendipitous,led our paths to cross.But, as ever, I am unsure;past friendliness so oftenmistaken for interest. I play back our timetogether; reminiscing alreadyin the wish of repeating. I hope we meet again,ifContinue reading “Le Noire – Erin Shinker”

ladies and gentleman- Charly Priest

Lets crack that bottle!So I can sing wallow wallowI got El Caminoand El doradoI did the prayingjust sayingfor mestepped on the pedal,yetnot today,tomorrow?I guess yes, confidenceis big difference,why do I test myself and others so much?got to the conclusion, now at my early age…is not worth the experimentso no lament,comming back on this whatthat wasContinue reading “ladies and gentleman- Charly Priest”

poem-weeping – Shawn L. Bird

He would be caught weeping from loneliness, graduation, over broken relations, infirmity. He would call, “Come!” I’d wrap my arms around him, sit beside him, share those moments of fragility. She’s never shown a tear. Her rages call for no sympathy. At least, from me. for more Shawn, click here: https://shawnbird.com/

Rain on Cabrillo – Mark Tulin

I pull over on Cabrilloto watch the rainthrough my car window, a blur of swaying palm treesand cloud-burst windy skies,an impression by chance,an engraving on a wet afternooninto a waterfall of glory. Pouring rain is a haze of simplicity,subdued and opulent,channeling liquid energyinto one narrow momentof youth and purity. for more of Mark at CrowContinue reading “Rain on Cabrillo – Mark Tulin”

Clichés – Mermaid

You asked what I have to offer? Well nothing much. Few poetries, painted potsand your sketches oncoffee dipped sheets.Weird music, witty remarksand book storesof nearby streets. Few jars of nutella,breakfast dates,And wind chimeson your gates. We both knowI’m not going to stay.I promise not to leaveyour world, pale and grey. You’ll start to know metaphorsmaybeContinue reading “Clichés – Mermaid”

Delicious – Michelle Cook

There was something about him Maybe it was his resistanceThe slight hesitation in his voiceThe thrill of the chaseThe game he fashioned just for me Whatever it wasThere was something thereSomething that really turned me onSomething that made me wanna play He hid his perversions wellIn a place of secrecy and self-denialNever confessing to theContinue reading “Delicious – Michelle Cook”

overflow – A Writer’s Soul

Overflowing emotion runs through my veins,And like a flood gate,It opens at the worst times,Cascading down and taking everyone with it,Reminding me I am a slave to the flow of the current,Taking me which ever way it deems most important,Sailing on the tides,We find you waiting,As though you knew exactly where we’d wash up,And forContinue reading “overflow – A Writer’s Soul”