The Weary Healer- Mark Tulin

Culled from the Drabble at: By Mark Tulin I don’t want to be a healer anymore.I grew weary of helping people,massaging and soothing a troubled spirit,absorbing their pain and suffering,and spending years redirecting themto a manageable change.I don’t want to be a therapist anymore,sitting across from a client who distorts the worldand help them outContinue reading “The Weary Healer- Mark Tulin”

Violently Beautiful – Mvadi Let there be No sadness and Let there be No light. This is my way Of letting go of The love I never thought Would die. This is my way Of finally letting myself Come alive, A second time. Alone in the night, Blinded by a new light. I stand in the middle OfContinue reading “Violently Beautiful – Mvadi”

(Untitled Poem) – Svelte

He went around like a bad joke moving from mouth to mouth and she laughed behind his back watching from a distance as he looked elsewhere for what he lost right there inside her arms. – Jen for more from Jen, at ‘Blase’, please click here:

Brush Strokes – Frank Regan One step away from your heartWas as close as I got.But you were not for meI made sure of that.I could take the facts Paint them in a different light,If I had my time again.Use my palette to paint out the dark,Take this still life of mineAnd set it in motion once more. ©Continue reading “Brush Strokes – Frank Regan”

A Frog in The Well – Wildheart “Far away there is the great sea,With so many creatures unseen,Life is a struggle there,But you get the utmost freedom,Don’t be a frog in the well.”,That’s what they say. But why not?Is the question I ask again and again.Here’s my family and my friends,Why leave it all for the great sea?You keep talking about success,ButContinue reading “A Frog in The Well – Wildheart”

Hindsight —Dave Kingsbury

Flower scents can sometimes linger – remember that sunlit riverbank alive with a thousand wild blooms which we gathered together in such reckless abandon as a token of our never-ending love? – today I found a single faded petal, dry as dust, still faintly perfumed.   Read more —Dave Kingsbury

POEM: The Unblemished & the Indelible [Day 22 NaPoMo: Ottava Rima] – Bernie Gourley

[Ottava Rima is an open form of Italian origin. It uses 8-line stanzas with a rhyme scheme of abababcc. English language ottava rima are frequently, but not necessarily, written in iambic pentameter. Historically, this form was most often used for long heroic narratives.] The savior stained in service washes clean.She needn’t worry that blood willContinue reading “POEM: The Unblemished & the Indelible [Day 22 NaPoMo: Ottava Rima] – Bernie Gourley”

Trapped – Anastasia

Trapped within a pair of headphonesNot one oblivious expressionFar from shallow navigationsSolely guided by the beautyOf an instrument’s profound potential © living in verses for more at ‘living in verses, please click the following link: