My Try at Bonsai

I’ve been asked to share one here… so Bonsai!!! manicured and trimmedmy bonsai tree so muchit slumped over sicklyscrawny, once, the healthy breath ofair and natural life now bonsai looks so pluckedand lifeless on front shelfunder these harshlights. image:

butterflies – cnw

The newness and inspiration can be overwhelming in anything. Forget thinking about what ifs and consequences, let’s just act. Create art that doesn’t need explaining or a backstory. The kind of atmosphere that isn’t so serious and stupid. I want the kind of feelings I got when I first fell in love. The butterflies thatContinue reading “butterflies – cnw”

Fantasies – Michelle Cook (Her Writing Haven)

While waiting for the starsTo somehow alignI borrowed your fantasiesAnd turned them into mine I couldn’t keep clingingTo the old ones I keptThey were too full of sadnessAnd so much regret © 2019 Michelle Cook for more at Michelle Cook’s ‘Her Writing Haven’, click here:

Apnoea – Luke Otley

How many of usare going to slip out of herelike oily eggs onto breakfast platewithout a whimper,or if a groan,then a groan that’s muteagainst the tin dry crashof must-see series, a whole life(the only one)shown stark and simple, naked —nothing morethan a feverish stockpile of subscriptions,as if their clockwork comfortcould ward off all that dark. TheContinue reading “Apnoea – Luke Otley”

a fixed reflection – one round corner

The camera compresses the world into a frame. The transitory becomes fixed in an illusion. Smoke trapped underwater. Cloud textures trapped in rocks. The horizon is a stroke of ink, or a line of difference, drawn by the camera’s position. As my consciousness defines what I see, have I not become the calm of aContinue reading “a fixed reflection – one round corner”

The Pillow – Osharlequin

The pillow to my side,Whereupon caressed a head not my own,Has quite a special scent,A scent that mesmerises, The scent swirls in my mind,Filling me with calm and zeal,A menagerie of sweet thoughts,A roiling euphoria, A reminder of the day before,And the darling who graced it,A sleeping beauty,And a waking one, An ally,All curves andContinue reading “The Pillow – Osharlequin”

Firecrest — Anna Mosca

why not marvel at the thin long beak of the firecrest . or cry tears realizing such songs came from a thumb size chest . he fit the mouth of my cat so little it was this bundle of joy . covering the sky among trees with his wings soft in my palm now ReadContinue reading “Firecrest — Anna Mosca”

Salvation forest – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)

This is what keeps me alive.You drying on my skin.Lobsters of the deep, snap memories for us to share.For me to fish for.Your tongue, a mind of its own.I hope you don’t mind, that I describe you in such words.But this is what I need.A photosynthesis of love from sadness.Breathing deep in me, swelling myContinue reading “Salvation forest – Mark Ryan (Havoc and Consequence)”